Hubble Connected: Nursery Pal Cloud #1
Hubble Connected: Nursery Pal Cloud #1
Hubble Connected: Nursery Pal Cloud #2
Hubble Connected: Nursery Pal Cloud #3
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Hubble Connected: Nursery Pal Cloud

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With pristine, High-Definition picture quality, Hubble Nursery Pal Cloud makes it crystal clear that our baby monitors are no longer just for parents. Digitally pan, tilt, and zoom from the 5” smart parent unit to maintain the perfect view of your little one. Track climate conditions with the room temperature monitor and soothe your baby with the sweet sound of your voice using two-way talk communication. Preloaded nature sounds, lullabies, and bedside stories gently lull your baby to sleep, while the 7-color night light and sleep trainer ensure that sleep brings them peaceful, pleasant dreams. Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve with Hubble’s Nursery Pal Cloud. More Than Just a Baby Monitor.
5" diagonal color screen parent unit and 1 Camera 7-color night light and sleep trainer Wi-Fi & 2.4GHz FHSS connectivity Full HD 1080p resolution for remote monitoring Two-way talk Flexible magnetic mount Infrared night vision Room temperature display Preloaded lullabies, soothing sounds & bedtime stories Digital pan, tilt & zoom IR cut filter for image optimization