Garmin® Edge® 1040 Bike GPS Bundle Includes Speed and Cadence Sensors and HRM-Dual Monitor plus Standard and Out-Front Mounts
Garmin® Edge® 1040 Bike GPS Bundle Includes Speed and Cadence Sensors and HRM-Dual Monitor plus Standard and Out-Front Mounts
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Garmin® Edge® 1040 Bike GPS Bundle Includes Speed and Cadence Sensors and HRM-Dual Monitor plus Standard and Out-Front Mounts

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Model: 010-02503-10

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PACKED WITH PERFORMANCE FEATURES. Never stop cycling with the ultimate GPS bike computer you can depend on when you need it most. Edge 1040 is ready for any ride, from remote gravel trails to epic climbs. The peak of performance. Go deep. Dense tree cover and the urban canyon are no match for its spot-on accuracy with multi-band GNSS.
  • STAMINA INSIGHTS. While you ride, get stamina insights so you can keep an eye on how much you have left in the tank.
  • CYCLING ABILITY AND COURSE DEMANDS. Classify your strengths as a cyclist, focus on improvement, and prepare for the demands of a specific course.
  • POWER GUIDE. Recommended power targets help you manage your efforts throughout a course.
  • DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE MONITORING. Get more insight about how your body is responding to training. Track VO2 max, recovery time, training load, training load focus and more
  • DAILY SUGGESTED WORKOUTS. For training guidance that takes you and your fitness level into account, get daily ride suggestions based on your current training load and VO2 max
  • HEAT AND ALTITUDE ACCLIMATION. Prepare yourself for any environment. See how your body is holding up in different environments with heat and altitude acclimation
  • NUTRITION AND HYDRATION ALERTS. Get the insight you need to stay fueled, mile after mile. Edge 1040 will notify you when it’s time to hydrate or eat.
  • CYCLING DYNAMICS. Take advantage of advanced cycling metrics designed to give insight into how your performance changes based on variable conditions such as position, bike setup, ride duration and more.
  • MULTI-BAND GNSS. Get better positional accuracy and coverage — even in the most challenging environments — with multi-system, multi-band GNSS technology.
  • OFF-COURSE RECALCULATION. Feel free to pause route guidance and off-course notifications while you go off-course to explore. When you’re ready to get back on track, Edge 1040 will show you the way.
  • SHIMANO STEPS EBIKE SYSTEM COMPATIBLE. View a dedicated eBike status screen, data fields and support for system status and warning messages. Even see assist level, gear position, battery life and more during a ride.
  • INREACH® DEVICE COMPATIBILITY. Stay in touch wherever you ride by pairing Edge with a compatible inReach device. View and reply to messages, share trip data, and trigger interactive SOS alerts.
  • INCIDENT DETECTION. This Edge automatically sends a message with your location to preloaded emergency contacts if it detects an incident
  • BIKE ALARM. The PIN-protected bike alarm will notify you on your compatible smartphone if your bike is moved while you’re inside getting water or making a pit stop.
  • GROUP MESSAGING. Stay in touch4 with your riding crew when you get separated from the pack.
  • MUSIC CONTROLS. Control music on the trail or the trainer. When paired to your smartphone, you can control your music — right on your Edge.
  • ENHANCE YOUR eBIKE RIDE. Easily connect your compatible5 eBike — via ANT® or ANT+® technology — to view custom eBike data, adjust assistance levels and even see remaining range based on your planned course.
  • SMART NOTIFICATIONS. Receive texts and alerts right on your Edge device when paired with your compatible smartphone.
  • Battery type: rechargeable lithium-ion/Battery life: 35 hours
  • Water rating:IPX7
  • Display Size:3.5" (88.9 mm) diagonal/Display Resolution:282 x 470 pixels