Conair Face and Body Kit & Facial Massaging Roller #1
Conair Face and Body Kit & Facial Massaging Roller #1
Conair Face and Body Kit & Facial Massaging Roller #2
Conair Face and Body Kit & Facial Massaging Roller #3
Conair Face and Body Kit & Facial Massaging Roller #4

Conair Face and Body Kit & Facial Massaging Roller

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Now your brows, face and under-eyes can look flawless with one single kit! The dual trimmer blade can be used to contour the brows and the sonic vibrating eye massager helps revitalize tired-looking skin. The sonic vibrating facial brush can be used with your favorite cleansers or make up to achieve either a deep clean or flawless make up application! Tip: the larger area of the dual blade is perfect for the bikini area!

Treat yourself to a daily face massage that revives and brightens the delicate skin on your face with the stimulating touch of the Facial Massaging Beauty Roller. This massaging facial roller makes it easy to proactively maintaining a fresh, healthy and more youthful-looking complexion.

  • Rose gold dual blade trimmer with metal cap
  • Small blade – brow area
  • Large blade – bikini area
  • Faux fur ultra-smooth sonic vibrating facial brush - Can be used for deep pore cleaning or make up application
  • Sonic vibrating eye massager – use with your favorite serums
  • Water resistant – use in or out of the shower
  • This beauty massager has gentle massaging beads that rotate in 360°motion and stimulate delicate facial skin, gently renewing, reviving, and energizing skin for a healthy-looking glow.
  • Easy to Use: Turn the massager on and place it on the skin at the center line of your face. Roll it away from the center, massaging each section of the face for 3-5 minutes.
  • 360°Rotating Massaging Stones: Rows of stainless-steel massage stones are embedded beneath the roller’s multi-paneled surface and rotate in a small circular motion, gently invigorating the skin’s surface and giving it a youthful glow.
  • Top Gemstone for Trigger Point Therapy: Target high-tension areas with a gentle massage using the rose quartz stone mounted on the tip of the roller.
  • Skin Treatment Applicator: Improve your skincare routine by using the Facial Massaging Beauty Roller to evenly smooth serums and moisturizers onto the skin for optimal absorption.
  • Dual-Headed Roller: Treat your face to two kinds of massage. Use the multi-surfaced roller for a facial massage with stones that rotate, eliminating puffiness as they brighten and rejuvenate skin, or target tension points with the rose quartz tip for stress-relieving trigger point therapy.
  • Battery Operated (1 AA battery, not included)