Brita Hub™ Instant Powerful Countertop Water Filtration
Brita Hub™ Instant Powerful Countertop Water Filtration

Brita Hub™ Instant Powerful Countertop Water Filtration

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Model: 87340C
The Brita Hub™ Instant, Powerful Countertop Water Filtration Device powered by Hamilton Beach® is where superior hydration meets modern convenience. With the new Brita Hub™ filter, this countertop water filtration machine reduces 70+ contaminants including lead, PFOA/PFOS, chlorine, select pesticides and more.* The whole family will enjoy healthier,*** great-tasting water. The Brita Hub™ easily sets up in minutes with no tools. Simply insert the Brita Hub™ filter, fill the 12 cup removable reservoir, plug in the Brita Hub™ and enjoy instant filtered water with no wait. The included Brita Hub™ filter lasts 6 months and filters 120 gallons of water.** Unlike traditional filtering pitchers, the electric Brita Hub™ machine uses pressurized filtration technology for advanced performance. Switching to Brita Hub™ replaces 1800 single-use plastic water bottles a year,** so cheers to you for joining the fight against plastic water bottle waste. Configure the large, removable reservoir on the back or side of the dispenser to optimize countertop space. Choose either 12 oz. or 20 oz presets, or use manual mode to fill your glass or bottle. The modern, sleek design elevates the look of any kitchen. Brought to you by Brita®, the #1 brand**** in water filtration.
  • Brita's best filter ever — reduces 70+ contaminants*
  • Great taste, less waste
  • Convenient, easy setup in minutes — no tools or installation required
  • Filter lasts 6 months**
  • Easy push-button dispensing
  • Customizable design optimizes space on your kitchen countertop

*See certifications. Visit for more details.

**6 month estimation based on 120 gallon filter life and average family usage of 11 glasses per day. Each Brita Hub™ filter replaces up to 900 16.9 oz. single-use plastic bottles.