Cuddle Down


Pick the right firmness for your sleep style.

Lake Louise = Soft: Best for stomach or side sleepers who like a plush pillow

Meridian = Medium: Best for side or back sleepers who need neck support

Suprelle® Memo = Firm: Best for back or side sleepers who need lots of support

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Like sleeping under a cloud.

Suprelle® Down Alternative: Great value and comfort. Closest thing to down available ‒ that’s not down

Lake Louise: 700 Loft Hutterite down for improved warmth and feel

Banff Springs: 800 Loft Hutterite Goose down for the ultimate in luxury and more warmth

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100% Cotton Sheets

The type of weave determines the characteristics of your sheets.

Percale Deluxe = Cool, crisp hotel feel

Impressions Sateen = Silky, smooth luxury feel

Velvet Flannel = Warm and fuzzy feel

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100% Cotton Towels

Wrap yourself in cozy comfort.

2 different weaves to give you 2 different styles

Portofino Zero Twist Loop = Plush and fluffy

Alexandria Egyptian Cotton = Thick and silky

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100% Cotton Robes

100% cotton, zero twist robes provide:

Plush feel

Luxurious comfort

Superior absorption

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