GRUVN Gripper-G16 Pickleball Paddle Aqua White
GRUVN Gripper-G16 Pickleball Paddle Aqua White

GRUVN Gripper-G16 Pickleball Paddle Aqua White

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GRUVN’s THE GRIPPER-G16 is a high-quality mid-weight graphite pickleball paddle that is approved by USA Pickleball (USAPA) for tournament play. It has a traditional widebody paddle shape with a 4.75” long handle and a large surface area and has multiple eye-catching designs to choose from. This paddle has the ideal blend of power, outstanding touch and ball control. It has terrific balance and a perfectly proportioned hitting area with a large sweet spot, giving you better chances of hitting winning shots and controlling the ball, playing spin, dinks, and harder smash shots. The Gripper-G16 has a 16mm thick polypropylene honeycomb core designed to evenly react to the force of impact and provide precision control, while also absorbing vibration and noise.
  • Paddle Length: 15.5”/393mm
  • Face Width: 8.07”/205mm
  • Handle Length: 4.75”/12.1cm
  • Grip Size Circumference: 4.375”/11.1cm
  • Grip: 3D Cushion Grip (White Underneath)
  • Weight: ~7.75 ounces/0.48lbs/220g
  • Face/Paddle Surface: Graphite/Carbon Fiber
  • Paddle Shape: Wide Body
  • Surface Finish: Textured UV Sandpaper Oil Coating
  • Core: Polypropylene Honeycomb
  • Core Thickness: 16mm/0.63”
  • Honeycomb Cell Size: 8mm/0.3""
  • Edge Guard: Yes